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Financial aid for grad students

While many college students become accustomed to applying for financial aid as an undergraduate, applying for aid for grad school comes with its own set of rules and requirements.

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How online schools change the financial aid game

Online schools can present their own challenges when it comes to applying for financial aid.

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Financial aid for first-generation college students

It’s important for incoming students to know there are many measures that can be taken to overcome a low-income, first-generation standing and secure the money they need for higher education.

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Can I still get financial aid if I’m not a straight-A student?

There are a number of scholarship and financial aid opportunities available for students who consider their academic records less than stellar.

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5 financial regrets college graduates have

Many college students find themselves dealing with financial regret as they graduate and move on in life.

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Scholarships for graphic design students

Whether you are interested in designing video games or creating special effects for the next big summer film, graphic design scholarships are tools you can use.

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Get into the groove with these dance scholarships

Dance scholarships vary from dance therapy to ballet.

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Scholarships for musical students

Whether you enjoy strumming a guitar for fun or seek to play violin professionally, music scholarships may be a valuable resource.

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Scholarships for future filmmakers

Film scholarship applications give students an opportunity to flex their creative muscles and really explore the craft of filmmaking.

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10 questions you should ask your financial aid office

Whether you’re starting your first year of college or returning for your senior year, you likely have a variety of questions for school officials – particularly when it comes to navigating financial aid.

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