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Today’s students are tomorrow’s global society. It’s imperative that present society do everything within its power to ensure its children are well-equipped for the future. This begins with education.

We believe that every student who seeks a college education has the fundamental right to one regardless of their financial means.

“As a global society, we are facing a huge crisis. College is simply too expensive to afford, and we must find a way to help our students.” – Khaja Syed, CEO, ScholarSwag.

ScholarSwag’s mission is to impact one million scholars within the next three years by providing access to the best scholarship opportunities.

We’re achieving our mission through ScholarSwag, the only scholarship search and management database that connects scholars with the best opportunities through the guidance of scholarship organizations, parents, mentors, and guidance counselors.

Education is the key contributor to one’s success in life. Every child must have access to the best opportunities.